Engaging Employees for purpose and performance

‘Customer Experience management’ and ‘Employee Experience management’ are two pea’s in a pod!

You cannot fake a great customer experience for a very long time without looking inside and asking, what are we living inside, how are we serving colleagues, what values do we live every day? What are the experience we create inside the
organization and are we living the brand?

If you have the mandate to improve customer service, employee culture or performance or are responsible for organizational capability development, you are probably curious about the answers to the following questions.

  • Why is happiness important? What happens in your brain?
  • What is the power of being listened to without interruption or reply
  • How can we design a brand that will inspire and ignite purpose in our people?
  • How do we best design a journey for employees that creates purpose and passion (and performance)?
  • How do we create and sustain a culture of happiness?
  • How do we manage conflict as part of a happy culture?
  • How do we instill holistic wellness in the workplace?


The best way to answer some of these is to experience it first hand.

Happiness Matters: Engaging Employees for purpose and performance is an experience that has been designed to show you the elements required for an engaged team and company. It aims to bring together various diverse disciplines, showing you the elements of organization culture, practices and capabilities that will assist you with creating an employee experience that will deliver a great customer experience and in turn create meaning for employees and loyalty amongst customers.

If you are curious about amazing culture transformation that will ultimately lead to wonderful customer service visit www.happinessmatters.co.za


“When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home.”

Betty Bender



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