[Infographic] 85% of consumers will retaliate against a company with bad customer service (by Rebecca Grant)

When a product or service doesn’t work as promised, some people get angry. Really angry.


Cloud contact center provider Five9 released a report and infographic today looking at “customer rage” and what companies can do to prevent it.


Turns out 85 percent of consumers will retaliate against a company if their customer service needs are not met. 49 percent of all consumers will stop doing business with that company, and 18-34 year olds are three times as likely to vent their frustrations on social media.


“The customer is always right” is a pillar of American commerce. In a competitive business market, keeping customers happy is critical for retaining their business, promoting your brand, and keeping an edge on rivals. The Internet has changed the landscape for customer service, both in terms of customer expectations and in terms of creating new ways to connect with customers and deliver help.


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