23-27 August 2021

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We empower CX teams to transform their organizations to create remarkable experiences for Customers and Employees

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Customers are the reason why you are in business. In order to thrive into the future, we believe it is essential to take a critical look at one’s business through the eyes of the customer and evaluate whether the products and services and EXPERIENCE are aligned to the customers needs and wants. We lead you in designing unrivalled journeys that will differentiate you into the future. We unlock the creativity of your team using unconventional methods of facilitation whilst vesting ownership of ideas and journeys with your team to ensure long term sustainable change. We teach you how to continue to create love for your brand.


Your employees are your frontline; not only do they deliver services and keep the engine running, but they are also your brand ambassadors. Let us help you create an environment that not only makes your employees want to stay longer, but that makes them recommend you as an employee brand and a desired place to work. We lead you in designing an employee journey, and help you implement the actions needed to attract the right talent, and instil passion in your employees.


The Brand Warrior™ Programme is a personal and professional development program for teams. The outcomes of the program Clarity on personal purpose and goals Alignment on team goals Alignment on what good service looks like Clarity on the actual brand experience and how to deliver on that Techniques to handle conflict situations with clients Improved ownership of issues Improved problem solving Understanding of productivity, work-life balance and overall wellness

What we are about

Whether you are a customer experience virgin or veteran, we are here to support you. We combine science, art and magic to create experiences your customers won’t ever want to forget. We are a catalyst to the craft of uncompromising, bold experience design. We are a modern-day rebellion against data without action.

Who we work with

If you are a leader who wants to leave your mark by leading disruptive change and challenging the status quo, we want to work with you! We transform your customer experience through a holistic approach of designing with your customers and employees. In this way, we gather the outside-in needs and ignite the inside-out buy-in and ownership of the experience at the same time. This results in employees feeling proud of caring for customers and in return, customers care for the brand.

When to call us

When you feel like you are no longer standing out from the crowd or you are eager to future proof your brand through differentiation, we are here to help you. We help you through designing innovative value propositions that solve pertinent problems for your customers. We design the interactions with your brand to be human and warm while still solving customer’s problems.