Brandlove was established in 2012 as a customer-focussed innovation consultancy. We are a team of  experienced and passionate consultants who find purpose in seeing our clients succeed.

BrandLove is not a wise-ass, tell-you-what-to-do consultancy, and neither are we a kiss-ass tell-you-what-you-want-to-hear agency. BrandLove is your partner, working with you to connect the dots. We are facilitators of an authentic discovery process, to help you find and implement your  experience  essence, while creating a safe space for design-thinking, collaboration and innovation. 

We help leaders shape their strategy to become outside-in thinkers and view everything from the customers' eyes. We counsel brands whose customers have fallen out of love with them. We help infuse brand DNA into every brand touchpoint and ignite passion in the hearts and minds of your people, especially those who serve customers, through transformative culture programmes. 

We help brands find what they may have lost, and facilitate a discovery for those who may not have had complete clarity around their essence. We find the best and the worst in your experiences and show you how to leverage it or make it better. We guide you on how to achieve competitive differentiation through deliberate design rather than leaving brand experiences to chance. 

We are not rocket-scientists, but rather behavioural-anthropologists, who love bringing together people, processes and technology. We are a catalyst for sustainable transformation. We challenge the status quo, and we ask you to see things as if you are looking at it for the first time... We ask, "Why?" over and over again, until we get to the naked truth. We combine science, creativity and a bit of magic to create remarkable moments where customers fully experience you for who you are. 

We find joy in igniting a love affair between customers and your brand!



Our mission is to be a trusted advisor, mentor and catalyst in solving Africa’s business and human problems. With passion, pride and authenticity, we create meaningful and memorable experiences that build relationships, engage people and advance lives. We inject organisations with purpose and empower people with the skills and confidence to grow and innovate sustainably. 

We envision an Africa that is connected, empowered, and cohesive - where innovation, collaboration and purpose are built into the values of every institution, organisation and individual. An Africa that is in service to its people, and whose people are in service of the collective; where we work together, as brands, businesses, groups and individuals, to educate, uplift, and grow.

We want to live in a world where people feel proud of who they are, where they work, what they do and where they come from. 



We serve humanity and put people at the centre.

We care deeply and act first with HEART, and then head.

We act with intention and passionate conviction. We either say “Hell yes!”, or NO.

We share our knowledge and feed our intellect.

We are unafraid to cry, curse, love or laugh - and we always do it with oomph.

We catalyze and hold space for change with compassion.

We build teams, relationships and family spirit.

We communicate with honesty and integrity.

We don’t screw people.


We do not sugarcoat things. We are big on integrity and always follow words with action. We tell it like it is and we wear our hearts on our sleeves. We embrace all the colours of our human experience and show up as real, sincere and sometimes, when needed, brutally honest. We are unafraid to cry, curse, love or laugh, and we always do it with oomph. 


We believe that what we do provides value to businesses, people, communities and Africa at large, and we are proud to show up to work. When we do something we do it to the best of our ability so that when we’re finished, we can say, “I am proud of that.” We serve humanity and put people at the centre of everything we do. We give a sh!t. We act first with our hearts and then with our heads. We hold space for change with compassion and treat each other with kindness. We are not in it to screw people over - we are in it because we CARE. We always give our all and show up. We are generous with our time, resources, experiences and ideas. We build connected teams, create meaningful relationships and instil family spirit. We do what we love and we love what we do. 


We understand that innovation doesn’t happen unless you are willing to disrupt, shake things up or call things out. We believe in taking the leap and following through. We are all in. We do things with intention and passion. We act with conviction and make deliberate and considered choices - it is either a “Hell yes!” or a big fat NO. We are honest, even when it is difficult.