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Certified Customer Journey Architect Program - November 2020 Intake

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Chantel Botha
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This course will enable you to lead the design of new innovative and differentiated experiences for customers or employees. You will learn how to facilitate design, perform analysis and be confident with the technical map capturing.

Date: 16 - 20 November 2020

Time commitment: 09h00 - 17h00


What is a Customer Journey Design Architect?

A journey architect is someone that leads the design of new innovative and differentiated experiences for customers or employees. This person typically gathers a multi-disciplinary team to provide design input into customer or employee journeys. This person either facilitates co-design sessions with customers or collaborates with a seasoned partner like BrandLove to support them in running design thinking sessions with customers.

The architect takes end-to-end responsibility for the design of customer and employee journey maps as well as the capturing and detail design of micro journeys. This person takes responsibility for maintaining the customer journey map and noting any changes to customer artefacts, such as forms, documents and other communication. They may not necessarily own these artefacts or take responsibility for creating them. They need to be the custodian of the experience essence in the journey.

There is a facilitation part of the work, an analysis part and a more technical map capturing part. In addition to this, there is a planning and project execution part to this as well. This could be one person or a team of people.

Why should you attend this training?

  • In order to sustain ongoing customer-centric initiatives and innovation, you need an internal centre of competency.
  • Consultants will come and go and usually, the journey maps and knowledge dies upon their departure.
  • Journey maps ideally need to be living and breathing artefacts that inform decision making and give you the next competitive edge.
  • Focus and ownership of these maps are required to make them work for your brand. To unlock differentiation and love for your brand.
  • Future proof your business through establishing a centre of competency. Empower your experience architects so they can transform your customer experience!

What you will learn

From ideas to implementation. From design to doing.



You will be required to do at least 8 hours of pre-work before the course starts that will include reading, case studies, gathering information, completing online assessments.


Program agenda:

Day 1 - Customer experience foundation. Design thinking and a Career & Leadership development module.

Day 2 - Strategy & Business Design. Putting purpose at the core of your strategy. Developing your brand's customer experience essence or secret-sauce.

Day 3 - Understanding the customer through persona development, empathy mapping, and gathering insights though voice of the customer.

Day 4 - Designing and capturing journey maps - methods, tools and techniques 

Day 5 - Presenting and activating customer centred journeys


Style of learning:

  • Interactive
  • Working in groups
  • Learning by doing
  • Regular debriefs and retrospectives
  • Interesting case studies
  • Challenges
  • Workshop buddy to support through the training program as well as post-session


Training Cost:

$1500 USD 

or R24,000 South African Rand


We have bursaries available for individuals paying for themselves.

We also have group discounts available for companies who send groups of 3 and more people.


Payment options available:


Card payment



What will your team be able to do after the training?

  • Selling Journey Design into the organisation 
  • Facilitate - playbook + recipe (step by step guide)
  • Support the change management required for Journey Design transformation
  • Implement changes
  • Have discussions at executive and ground roots level
  • Turn VOC and VOE data into action
  • Report on scorecard metrics
  • Build businesses cases for new initiatives


How will your company benefit from that?

  • Have more differentiated experiences that will make customers stay with the brand and buy more
  • Create a happier work environment for employees through employee journeys
  • Better collaboration across departments
  • Increased problem solving and closing of gaps


Why are we best to provide this training?

  • We have over 12 years’ experience in training experience architects.
  • We practice the methods on a daily basis.
  • We have a track record of implementation in prominent African brands.
  • Our training is approved by the CXPA as part of their Certified Customer Experience Professional’s program.
  • We are certified in Lego Serious Play, Laughter Yoga, Sketch Thinking, Service Design.
  • We let people learn by doing rather than by telling.
  • We update our training on a bi-annual basis to keep up with consumer trends.


Hear from some of our delegates that attended the previous programmes.





If you would like to find out more information or reserve your seat, please email us at


The following certificates are awarded when the course is completed:

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