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The Brand Warrior™ Program (Instructor-led 9 month program)

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For someone else
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Upgrade your people from ordinary employees to Brand Warriors in only 9 months.

The Brand Warrior™ Program combines personal and team development, growing interpersonal skills and infusing your brand essence into every session.
It is engaging, interactive, and fun.

When your team seems like …

Would you like your team to

People are on autopilot, unengaged, lost passion - not accountable, not living up to their full potential

To work with purpose, passion, and excel in their performance

There is a disconnect between your vision, brand promise and your team’s delivery

Clarity and agreement on brand promises, experience and purpose.

Teams work in silo’s and are not collaborating and compete and are not as efficient as they should be

Teams cooperate and co-create solutions across functions and units

Interpersonal relationships are not optimal and softer skills are lacking

Authentically connect with colleagues and customers. Improved communication and conflict resolution.

People are not as committed as you would like them to be

Be productive, less absent, and more engaged in their work

Deliver a default haphazard service experience that customers complain about

Share a collective view of what great service for your brand looks like

and they don’t walk with a bounce in their step...

Your employees feel energised. They work with purpose, passion, and excel in their performance


There is no silver bullet or quick fix… If you want sustainable change rather than checking a box, we want to become your partner in helping your team to re-ignite their passion, purpose and performance. 

We crafted a one of a kind solution where we will work with your team for 9 months, on a journey of self-discovery, team development and facilitated skills building. Your team will reinvent the way they engage with themselves, each other and customers. 

Skills we develop during the program

  • Collaboration
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Adaptability
  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Wellbeing
  • Resilience 
  • Fun at work 
  • Connecting Virtually
  • Conflict handling 
  • Delivering a great Customer Experience 


The mechanics of the program

We work with a minimum of 30 people per intake for an in-house program.

After a 12-week intensive program, your team will take part in a 6-month group coaching program called Circles of excellence, where they will deepen and embed the skills and practices from the 12-week intensive program. 

During the 12 week program

Your team will attend 6 times half-day sessions every two weeks.

During the 6 month coaching

Your team will attend one 2 hours session every month.

Our track record of real results

  • Using our learning portal, we track attendance and engagement to identify your top talent and the people that are the star ambassadors of your brand. Our participants average  90% attendance rate and a 95% engagement through a system of  points, badges, leaderboard, and the coveted meerkat award
  • In order to get people to change actual performance, you have to engage and lead them through a longer-term program - that's why we do a 3-month intensive program with a 6 month support coaching period
  • People not only practising the new skills but actually teaching at least 3 other colleagues is the most tangible proof of our program's practical applicability
  • Through online immersion, your team practices skills in the presence of our skilled facilitators with 1000 of hours of experience which means that they integrate these skills quicker for better alignment and better conflict resolution
  • Many employees went through our program, including about 100 leaders all of whom reported better team alignment and boosted business results after the completion of our program
  • Many testimonials state that people care about finishing a course, but how many programs do you know where more than half of participants invite a family member or friend in their formal graduation ceremony.


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