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Tribal Leadership Personal Program

For someone else
For someone else
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Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

What is the Tribal Leadership programme all about

pageText Welcome
pageText A tribe mentality
pageText How we will work
pageText A hero's journey
pageText Practical assignment - meet your inner critic
pencil Upload an image of your inner critic here

2. Influence

pageText What is a leader
pageText Leaders and influencers of the world
pageText Influencing others
pageText How to start a movement
pageText Levels of leadership
pageText Level 1 - Position
pageText Level 2 - Permission
pageText Level 3 - Production
pageText Level 4 - People development
pageText Level 5 - Pinnacle
pencil Take-aways from the session

3. Priorities

pageText Taking stock of where you are now
pageText Leadership vision board
pencil Upload a picture of your vision board
pencil Essay about your vision board
pageText Priorities
pageText The 5 principles of prioritisation
pageText #1 Work smarter, not harder
pageText #2 You can't have it all
pageText #3 The good is always the enemy of the best
pageText #4 Proactive beats reactive
pageText #5 The importance/urgency matrix
pageText Priority solutions
pageText #1 The 80/20 principle
pageText #2 The three R's
pageText #3 Make room for margin
pageText A summary
pageText You become what you focus on

4. Character

pageText What is character
pageText Character in leadership
pageText Why does it matter
pageText Trust
pageText How to build trust
pageText Why build trust
pageText The ecosystem of trust
pencil Commitments
pageText Leadership in action
pageText A summary
pageText A touch of inspiration

5. Positive change

pageText Creating positive change
pageText Why do people resist change
pageText The change process
pageText Call to courage
pageText How to have courageous discussions - rumbling skills
pageText Plan ahead
pageText Predetermine the change that is needed
pageText Layout your steps
pageText Adjust your priorities
pageText Notify key people
pageText Allow time for acceptance
pageText Head into action
pageText Expect problems
pageText Point to the successes
pageText Review your progress daily
pageText 5 Rules to follow as you find your spark

6. Problem solving

pageText Solve this one
pageText Problems introduce us to ourselves
pageText Problems introduce us to others
pencil Sailboat exercise
pageText Creative problem solving

7. Attitude

pageText Leaders with attitude
pageText People I admire exercise
pageText Characteristics of a whatever-it-takes leader
pageText Take the bull by the horns
pageText A gratitude attitude
pageText Put on a new pair of shoes
pageText Nurture your passion
pageText Exceed expectations
pageText Never be satisfied
pageText Putting a whatever-it-takes attitude in action
pageText Fail
pageText Learn
pageText Improve
pageText Reenter

8. Serving people

pageText Check-in and team exercise
pencil Upload your superhero picture here
pageText Servant leadership
pageText How to serve - practical guidelines
pageText How can you succeed by helping others succeed
comments Have a group discussion
pageText Outcomes from the group discussions
pageText Anticipating the needs of others
pencil Upload your empathy map here
pageText What get's in the way of being a servant leader
pageText Outcomes from the group discussions
pieChart Call to courage
pageText Be a courageous servant leader
pageText Check-out
pageText Photo's from our session
pageText Session 'replay' recording video snippets

9. Vision

pageText Check-in
pageText What is vision and why is it important
pageText How visionary leaders talk
comments Small group discussion
pageText Examples of visionary leaders
pageText What you can see determines what you can be
pageText Great questions lead to great answers
pageText Vision clues: own your own vision
pageText You have to look back to look forward
pencil Upload your starfish model
pageText Getting closer to my vision
pageText Vision clarity and expansion
pencil Upload your essay here
pieChart Creating my leadership vision and why
pageText Out of the mouths of children
pageText Session 'replay' video snippets
pageText Powerpoint Presentation

10. Self discipline

pageText What is self discipline and why should it matter
pageText 5 Steps to develop self-discipline
pencil Goal orientated and purpose driven
pageText Habits vs. goals
pageText Move from intention to action
pageText Temporary or sustained success
pencil Habits inventory balance sheet
pageText Set yourself up for success
pencil Message from. my future self
pageText Inspiration
pageText Self-discipline is a choice
pageText Session 'replay' video
pageText Bonus points video (not compulsory)

11. Personal growth

pageText What is personal growth
pageText Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset
pageText What is Ikigai
pencil Find your Ikigai
pageText The dark side of self improvement
pageText Growth Circle
pencil Move from comfort to growth
pencil All about me
pageText Soar
pencil Take a moment to reflect on the following questions: 
pageText Completion
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